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Thank you for visiting the St. Clairs Cottage Accommodation website as part of your search for a romantic hotel alternative during your Bruny Island holiday. Even after you’ve seen the romantic cottage features, the luxury amenities, the best of Bruny Island activities, and have read through the guest reviews, you still may have questions about St. Clairs Cottage or Bruny Island attractions, activities and special events. You are most welcome to submit an email to us for the additional information and answers you need.

You can contact the owner (Bob) directly by completing the form below and he’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. (International travelers, remember that there may be a delay due to time zone differences!) If you’d prefer a contact back by phone, make sure to leave your phone number and state that preference in the form as well.

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Best of Bruny Island Activities, Attractions & Things to Do
Restaurants, Parks, Scenic Views, Bushwalking, Tours and Beaches for Couples and Singles

best bruny island attractions activities things to do free families couples singles birds nature penguins 200pxWhat are the best and must-do Bruny Island activities, attractions, and things to do? It’s a common question asked by St. Clairs Cottage guests and we’re more than happy to provide hotel-type concierge services to line up just the right combination of park visits, scenic views, bushwalking, restaurants, beach combing and guided tours for couples (or singles) who want romance, discovery or adventure. The “best” Bruny Island experience is the one that is custom designed to suit you best.

There is a wide variety to choose from on the long list of possible Bruny Island things to do. With the St. Clairs Cottage accommodation as your home base, you will be well positioned to enjoy the best that the Bruny Island region of Tasmania has to offer.

Below is a “complete” (and growing) list of the best attractions and activities that Bruny Island has to offer. Choose the combination of things to do that will create your idea of the perfect Bruny Island holiday, and if you’d like a recommendation about the length of stay you’ll need to fit it all in, click here to contact us >>

If you’ve already booked your St. Clairs Cottage accommodation and you’d like some assistance choosing or arranging your Bruny Island itinerary, you can feel to contact the owner of St. Clairs Cottage and tap into his 20-something years of experience as a resident of Bruny Island.

Indoor & Free Activities

Art at the Point Gallery

Bligh Museum

Bruny Bowls Club

Bruny Island Berry Farm

Bruny Island Premium Wines Vineyard

best bruny island attractions activities things to do free families couples singles nature wildlife echidna


Nature, Parks, Beaches

South Bruny National Park

Cape Bruny

Trugannini Lookout

Fairy Penguin Rookery

Adventure Bay

Cloudy Bay Beach

Alonnah Beach

Cemetery Beach

Coal Point

Nebraska Beach


Food & Restaurants

Bruny Cheese Co.

The Chocolate Factory

Penguin Cafe

Jetty Cafe

Bruny Smoke House

Bruny Island Premium Wines

Bruny Hotel

Get Shucked Oysters



Guided Tours & Charters

St. Clairs Dinghy-Guests Only

Bruny Island Charters

Inala Nature Tours

Bruny Island Safaris

best bruny island attractions activities things to do free families couples singles guided tours charters






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